Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cats of the Family

To Whom it May Concern;

Because the life of the youngest sibling is quite stable, at least in my case, it would seem that the care taking of animals in need would be my responsibility. I do love cats, but what of this responsibility? In my attempts to rent out one of the rooms in my house, it would appear as though I have rented out an entire room to my sister's cat.

Let's forget the one I was already pet sitting and deal with this other one for a minute. (Yes there are two). It seems that despite how immature and irresponsible the youngest of the family can be, the older siblings can still do silly things. My sister picked up a cat on a whim... ON A WHIM! and then brought it back to her apartment where it was soon thereafter kicked out by the landlord by threat of eviction.

I am sure you all have dealt with a situation where someone imposed on you... where you suddenly had responsibilities that aren't really your responsibilities. Do not let people walk all over you. Give them a deadline and rules and just like that landlord, ACT. Nothing is going to get done otherwise. Sure a cat is great and all, but I'm sure there is another family that would love to have it too.

I have left a cat behind before. Going and living on your own... you can barely remember to feed yourself let alone another creature. One week... one week and then it is gone.

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  1. I do agree having a cat is more responsibility that one can't afford . boohoo who should I feel more sorry for , the human or the cat?

    I'd say the human