Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Me Myself and "I"

To Whom it May Concern;

To be independent, you kind of need to think of and for yourself. No more of this crap about the feelings of other people or what is most convenient for them. You need to claw and scrape your path and not wander down anybody else simply because they beckoned you with their presence.

There is only a little truth in that. You must find a balance to be compassionate and to have your best interests as your number one priority. There are all these sayings about how one needs to look outward instead of inward. Selfishness is a negative thing, but being bold and standing up for your ideals is definitely a positive thing.

Think about what you want and if it doesn't conflict too much with the well-being of other people... then go for it. You need to take care of yourself first so that you can take care of others.

This includes everything. From feeling good about yourself from brushing your teeth to spending a weekend working so that you have a little more cash to buffer that place between debt and wealth.

You're an adult, take care of yourself.

Independent Month


  1. I've really enjoyed reading your blog so I have nominated you for a Blogging A to Z Liebster Award.