Monday, April 8, 2013


To Whom it May Concern;

My sister and her friends just had a little party at my house. I do not know how I feel about this since I felt somewhat out of place. The issue with the cat has been lengthened... but only till I find that third roommate.

The washing machine does not need to be fixed... yet. My roommate will be bringing her own one, so that is lucky for me. A little too lucky. This world seems to be growing soft on me again. Where is the hardship of forging my way into the world?

I can not grow without a challenge. I need to be moved to such a stressful state of pain and fear and overwhelmingness in order to become tough... maybe somewhere along the way I did grow tough, but not enough.

If you are going through a relatively quiet time with small or few struggles then I urge you to take this time and do all that crap that you put off because you were too swamped with feels. Keep challenging yourself, that continuous progression is what makes you wiser and stronger.

Independent Month

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